Ritviz on track to make 21 songs in 21 weeks

Published at : July 1, 2021 in News

Ritviz, one of the biggest EDM artist have decided to please their fans with some great news. He is planning to make 21 songs in just 21 weeks. Isn’t this amazing!
For the artist who makes only 3 to 4 songs a year, this is like an impossible task to do.
And the best part of this news is that in this process of making songs, he will collaborate with the best artists like Nucleya and Seedhe Maut.

“For someone used to release one or two songs a year, this is quite ambitious and probably even a death trap, but I just have such a good feeling about this! The idea of dropping 21 songs in 21 weeks just makes my mind explode and I can’t wait to start dropping the music,” said Ritviz.

Details of songs and albums are going to be announced soon.

You can follow RITVIZ for more information.

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